Best Rent A Car Deals In Belgrade


“Do you need a nice, convenient car to drive to the most beautiful tourist destination nearby? Deus Rent A Car offers you the best solution for your needs! ”

Car rental in Belgrade

Surely each of you will find yourself a million times in a situation where he needed more than a car, no matter if it was for driving around the city to avoid unnecessary traffic jams or to treat yourself to a nice tour of another place. However, scrolling through a number of websites that offer only what is nice for the eye but bad for the wallet causes you to still pay for a day pass rather than going to the nearest rent a car .

Where can you find the best rent a car in Belgrade?

Mostly what drives people to give up the decision to rent a car are the high prices. When one calculates whether it will be cheaper for him to walk or rent a car, he chooses less expensive rather than comfort. That’s why Deus Rent A Car is a company that offers you everything, and a great price and comfort to enjoy!

First of all, we feature a rich fleet for all travelers’ needs, from ordinary city cars, off-road vehicles to luxury sedans for your favorite celebrations. We are here to cover all your wishes and needs for affordable prices.

Namely, our company is distinguished by the fact that it car rental according to the European standard, which include full comprehensive insurance. You can pick up and return your vehicle to the agreed address without deposit! So, it’s all a matter of the deal we create together!

Deus rent a car at the airport Nikola Tesla

Traveling by plane is no longer just a matter of luxury. Thanks to the very good development of air travel, many people opt for this type of travel. It’s shorter, believe it or not safer and more comfortable. However, airports are mostly located out of town and one problem arises – How to reach rent a car from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport?

Then people have several options, to wait for transportation, call a local taxi station or rent a car. The first two are options that depend on the congestion, the amount of vehicles available, and the rarity of transportation that is further reduced on weekends. Many people live in the misconception that they will save more on a taxi than rent a car. However, this is not always the case. In addition to the fact that there are many unregistered taxi services in Belgrade, some charge a higher tariff than others. That’s why the best option is car rental!

Why is Deus rent a car favorable?

When creating your journey, what matters most to you is unlimited time to enjoy. If you are visiting Belgrade as a Serbian metropolis, you will have little time if we take into account the crowded and crowded city transport. What is best about a trip is not to be addicted to something, not to wait for transportation and to be late, but simply to enjoy yourself. That’s why we offer you the best equipped cars that have a beautiful interior, GPS devices so you don’t have to wander the city, the climate and the most beautiful music!

In addition, we have vehicles that we rent for more than 18 euros at the agreed address, all without deposit!

We try to offer you a beautiful experience that will not cost you much, and you make sure that all this is not just a beautifully packed story but visit us and travel with us!

How To Find The Best Rent A Car In Belgrade?


The importance of car rental has been talked about a lot in the last couple of years. We are witnessing that this branch of industry is developing not only abroad but also in our country. Belgrade, as a large Serbian metropolis, is a city where car rental is really needed. However, as people have a major problem with insufficient information, as well as the price and quality ratio they want, they often make the wrong estimates and do not choose a rental car that really provides everything that people need.

“Deus rent a car is your safe choice for all trips and we are here to answer your questions and resolve any concerns you have! Let’s make a good choice together! ”

What is most important when choosing a rent a car vehicle?

Select the vehicle according to your needs

If you decide to rent a car, the first and foremost thing is to decide what kind of car you need. Is it a smaller car for short trips, some standard model for 5 passengers, ATVs or sedans for a shorter period of time?

It is very important to keep in mind that our vehicles go through all the technical inspections, so it is only your choice and we guarantee you safety and security!

Book your vehicle on time

On our company’s website you can see the available models, dimensions and characteristics of the vehicle, as well as how many passengers the vehicle is intended for. If at the moment there are no vehicles available that you want, we have a solution for that too! Each rent a car vehicle has its own “steamer”, a vehicle that is similar in characteristics. When you decide what you need, we make a reservation and what is most important, you do not pay a deposit!

Who can be a user of a rent a car service?

The answer to this question is really simple – EVERYONE! Car rental is equally needed for tourists who want to easily and conveniently visit the big city, as well as people who spend most of their work traveling and need a good car. Deus Rent A Car is a company that guarantees you that you will be just another customer in the list of satisfied users of our rental services!

What does the best rent a car mean?

Often people, because of the speed or time they have available, find the first site that came up on their search engine and decide to use their services, which ultimately turns out to be a poor choice. In order for this not to happen, you need to be well informed. So it doesn’t matter if something is beautiful to the eye, but whether that beauty is useful to you.

Many refer to the best car or the most beautiful models in the term “best rental car in Belgrade”. However, you should not judge a book by its cover. The best rental car in Belgrade depends on the person and what it is that you currently need. In addition to a car that will meet your needs, you also need to have the price adjusted to your options.

Also, good cooperation with the agency you contact should be made. First you need to provide enough information, kindness, security and ability to agree and compromise.

What sets us apart is the willingness to cooperate and focus on you and your needs in every way. Get information from other users of our rental services as well, because the tips always come in handy and make sure that when you choose Deus Rent A Car you not only choose a car, but you choose safety, kindness and trust! We are here for you!

Does Rent A Car In Belgrade Suffer During The Coronavirus Pandemic?


In the last couple of weeks the whole world is in chaos, we and our loved ones are struggle and facing together with all our might. From the moment the virus pandemic was declared, people have withdrawn to their homes and distanced themselves from all their non-emergency commitments. Although this phenomenon has taught us the lesson that we must not forget the basic life issue – How are you?, in addition to the great concern for their health, people became concerned about their jobs as well. How to work? Will everything stay the same? Will the changes be adversely affected? Questions that we cannot answer but that we are quite sure affect the entire nation.

The news that in the coming period we will have to stay more at home with family and friends for some it is easy and for some is struggling.  However, what also causes justifiable fear in people is the lack of information. While this has helped some, some are frightened and scared, there are many businesses that are suffering from the coronavirus, and one of them is rent a car in Belgrade!

Given the current information and the general chaos of the whole world, we are aware that people will not rent cars as much as they used to. As Deus Rent A Car takes care of its customers by bringing them into the satisfied category, so will it be in this situation!

Unfortunately, despite all the prohibitions and opportunities, you are not able to sit at home during a coronavirus pandemic, but someone has to work and travel and use the rental car service. Our agency had to adapt to the current state of the coronavirus as the most important topic. That is why we strive to follow all WHO guidelines. Our focus, intent and attention is directed to striving to maintain our services for as long as possible, thus enabling you to meet your needs while taking care of your safety and the safety of our employees.

What do we do about Coronavirus?

Our car rental agency is always with you so it won’t let you down even now!

1. We first take special care of the interior of the vehicle we rent, such as seats, steering wheel, door handles and other surfaces.

2. We strive to ensure that our workers are maximally secured and protected to instill security for our users.

3. We make sure to clean our interiors!

4. We make sure that employees who feel the symptoms of the coronavirus stay at home so we can all be completely safe!

Let’s stay connected!

This really challenging time for many people creates the need for alternative solutions around transportation itself, and also the need to rent a car. That’s why we’re here for you! Contact us and we will do our best to provide you with a comfortable, safe and secure journey at the best prices!

Until you need us, take care of yourself and your health, beware and take care of your loved ones!